How Our School Bought a Brand New Vehicle
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How Our School Bought a Brand New Vehicle

School Year 2012-2013 is truly a productive year for our school – Doña Juana Chioco National High School located in Lupao, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It has achieved many things and accomplished several major activities and projects this SY. One of its most remarkable achievements this school year is the purchased of a brand new “school vehicle” – a Mitsubishi L300 FB.

How did we do it? Check it out!


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At the beginning of SY 2012-2013, yours truly proposed to our principal – Mrs. Obdalia C. Valmonte that the next major project should be a “school vehicle”, and she readily approved and supported my proposal. I echoed the next major project and laid the plan during the First General Parents-Teachers Association or PTA Meeting in June 2012 and the body, with its elected president - Christeta A. Lacondazo, readily accepted it. Last school year 2011-2012, we were able to purchased a brand new and complete set of a sound system.

Based on the first meeting of the Federated PTA officers on the same month, it was agreed that initially, the PTA will conduct a popularity contest. Candidates for the said contest were given envelopes with control number to avoid fraud and anomaly. Candidates with the highest total of money earned will be declared “king and queen” of DJCNHS. The said popularity contest was supported by a raffle draw. During the Second General PTA Meeting held in August 2012, they unanimously approved that each student will be given one stub of raffle draw tickets worth Php100.00 (each stub contains 12 tickets worth Php10.00 each – 2 tickets are free which serves as an incentive or privilege for the student). There will be twenty winners in the said raffle draw with each winner receiving a prize of half cavan of rice.

Sometime in November 2012, yours truly proposed to the Faculty & Staff of DJCNHS that in order to make sure that the targeted project of purchasing a school vehicle will come into realization, Araling Panlipunan Dpartment, which is the department where I am the Head Teacher, should collaborate with Science department’s “May Pera sa Basura” program. It was agreed upon that AP & Science departments will work hand and hand for 3 months from December 2012 to February 2013. Students and teachers alike were requested and asked to bring any kind of recyclable materials to be sold in order to earn more fund. For three months, the said program was able to earn a total amount of Php70,500.00

The first canvassing was held in November 2012 and the initial earnings from the envelopes and raffle tickets amounted to Php38,000.00. the second canvassing was scheduled in January 2013 with an earnings of Php98,000.00. In the last and final canvassing on February 15, 2013, the earning from envelopes alone, we were able to earn a jaw-dropping amount of Php240,000.00 and an additional of Php124,000.00 from raffle tickets.

Donations from Junior Senior Promenade also contributed Php65,000.00 and graduating class donations also contributed Php30,000.00. Finally, the FPTA also allotted Php65,000.00 from their fund. The total amount of money earned from all these programs and activities amounted to Php730,500.00 Philippine peso.

On March 08, 2013, yours truly and a fellow department head – Mr. Toribio V. Suyat (TLE Dept.), bought and brought home a brand new “Mitsubishi L300 FB” worth Php710,200.00 for our school – our beloved DOÑA JUANA CHIOCO NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL.

Everything can be achieved with the will to keep on and with the cooperation of everyone. Thanks to all the teachers, students, parents and others who helped make this project a very successful one. God bless everyone.

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That\'s wonderful! I\'m glad to hear such great news!

Thanks for sharing about this brand new vehicle.