How to Pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)
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How to Pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

Learn a few tips on how to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Prepare for the LET with the help of these tips.

Young or old, fresh graduate or teacher for many years, in order to be a licensed teacher, one needs to pass the board exam for teachers or the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). To test-takers, the mere idea of taking a comprehensive exam is enough to make one shiver and sweat. All the more if the exam lasts an entire day!

I took the LET in October 2009—and PASSED! Read about my personal experience here.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you review, prepare and even pass!

  • Familiarize yourself with the LET’s table of specifications and point system. The table of specifications, as every teacher should know, identifies the topics covered by a test and how much weight each topic is given. Every board exam has one. A copy of the LET coverage (updated November 2011) is included in the “kit” the PRC gave you after your application. The general distribution of items is: General Education, 150 items; Professional Education, 150 items; Major or Specialization, 150 items (as of April 2011, thanks to update from Jhay_Cee). Your score won’t be based on the raw score but on this percentage distribution: General Education, 20%; Professional Education, 40%; Major or Specialization, 40%. The passing rate is 75%, but you also need to get 50% in all three areas. Given all those numbers, you can plan out your approach to achieving the passing rate!
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses. So you hate Math and love Literature. Knowing your strong points and waterloos will help you identify topics to prioritize and spend more time in during your review. Because of the rating system, it’s crucial you score high in all three areas. Even if you get a perfect score in your specialization, you still need to correctly answer Math and Statistics questions to pass the other two areas.
  • Set a study schedule. Unless you’re one of those people who perform better when cramming, and are sure they will pass the exam without much effort, then you need to set a study schedule. If you’re already teaching or working, this will help you manage your time. Make a timetable with dates and time frames, and topics you plan to study. Some review centers start as early as four months before the exam. Assess your capacity and situation if you need more or less time than that.
  • Keep a healthy body for a healthy mind. In order for your brain to be on tiptop shape, your body has to be in excellent shape. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, especially berries, nuts and cruciferous veggies like broccoli. Choose fish over pork. Always stay hydrated, too, and get ample sleep time. Exercise! Take a stroll every day, or do stretches while at work. Physical activity pumps oxygen-rich blood into the brain, firing up your neurons.
  • Answer sample tests and reviewers. Lots of them. The LET is a board exam, and like all board exams, it has a test bank or inventory of questions. This means that more often than not, a lot of test items have already appeared in past examinations, and some appear in every examination. There are a lot of reviewers you can choose from, but I suggest picking those by Philippine Normal University (PNU) professors. (They’re the ones who draft the test questions) Answering sample tests, complete with answer sheets, also serves as practice for you in test-taking especially in terms of managing your time and in shading circles.
  • Ask for help. Maybe you’re a fresh graduate, maybe you’ve been teaching for some years already. No matter, reviewing is always much easier and more fun when you have someone to help you. That someone could be a co-teacher, a department head, a former professor or an entire class of reviewees. The point is, if you come across a topic you can’t put your finger on, or an interpretation you need to clarify, someone’s there to answer your questions. This will save you some research time, and earn you more tips and information, too.
  • Make a cheat sheet. I’m not talking about a cheater's sheet or kodigo, of course. With all the information you need to remember, and all the addenda you have written on your notebooks, sometimes the most basic can get lost. Write down all your mnemonics, definitions and formula on small-sized paper or index cards. Bring your cheat sheet along with you wherever you go, so you can easily take a peek for a quick review.
  • Exercise your HOTS. With 600 questions, you might be tempted to think that the best way to go is through memorization. But the LET is also designed to test your HOTS—higher order thinking skills. There are test questions that will require your powers of analysis. Practice analyzing quotations and short situational studies and drawing generalizations from your analysis. For Professional Education where majority of the questions are on learning theories, mnemonics won’t be enough. To make analysis easier, choose one situation or object, and apply the theories on that. When you encounter a question on a theory, all you’ll have to do is think of that situation or object. Example: If a teacher saw a student sleeping in class, what would she do if she believes in (insert philosophy of education)?
  • Rest before the big day. Prepare everything a week before the big day so you’ll have no worries and errands bothering you. Buy the things you need such as pencils and envelopes, and even the snacks you will bring along with you. Have the clothes you will wear ready and hanging in your closet already. The temptation to study right to the very last hour before the exam will be strong—but fight it! No more studying at least three days before exam day. Do recreational activities like watching a movie or taking a stroll in the park.
  • On exam day itself—stay calm! Why is it that even graduates from reputable schools sometimes fail the LET? Maybe they panicked or they were overconfident. Moderation is the key, so feel confident about the things you studied and stay calm even if you don’t know the answer to the very first question. Read the question carefully and look at all the options before answering. Always check the time to make sure you have enough time to answer all questions. And also, check if you’re shading the right circle under the right number.

*photo by Arjun Kartha

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Comments (68)
Vincent Isles

This is a good article Ma'am! :)

Great guide!!! Stumbled up!

No doubt this will help would-be teachers pass the LET.

I hope so! The exam is in a few weeks!

grace arcala

hay!! pag aaral p lng mhirap na wat more if LET exams pa. sabog!!

Hi grace! If you are taking the exam, remember that the key is knowing where to focus on and making sure you answer these correctly come exam time. There will always be items we can't answer (because they are out of this world) but the basics should carry you along. Goodluck! :)

ahmed b.

thank you for the tip maam. very informative. I think i should concentrate in prof. ed. because i am weak in that area.


hi ms. Christine, galing mo naman. ikaw pala ung top 10 from UP Diliman. your picture is in my reviewer kasi sa met din ako nag review.

thanks for the tips. puputok na ata puso ko sa kaba. 1 week na lang!

lorna dulnuan

congrats to those let passers,

chona delicana

thank you very much! :-)


this may help a lot to those let takers especially myself that graduated this year but about to take the exam next year.....


hello mam, maraming slamat sa mga informasyong bnigay mo..i realized nw that we should focus all subjects especiall prof. ed kc mahina ako dyan..i'm jus hoping i can pass the next board exam with God's will.God bless more!


thanks................... this is realy significant informations to those education students who wants to pass the LET..................................


thankz 4 ur info, these cn help me a lot.I took exam last oct. 2009 while I'm teaching as fresh grad so dat time itz hard 4 me 2 study while I'm teaching den I failed.diz coming april I'm going 2 take an exam 4 d 2nd time.hope I cn make it.


thankz 4 ur info, these cn help me a lot.I took exam last oct. 2009 while I'm teaching as fresh grad so dat time itz hard 4 me 2 study while I'm teaching den I failed.diz coming april I'm going 2 take an exam 4 d 2nd time.hope I cn make it.

Hi adzraina! The Table of Specs sometimes changes, so better read carefully the pamphlets given to you upon application for the exam. Sometimes, even if PRC provides a Table of Specs, they still end up adding a few topics or changing focus.

I appreciate this article so much! Big help for us. I wish to pass the LET exam. Eventhough, its not that easy to set a study schedule abroad. GOD BLESS US!


I read it thoroughly and appreciate much the article. I will follow your tips and I hope i can pass the Exam. And become more proud as a teacher. Thank you!


thanks for the tips...

great tips.:)


May I share this link I think this would help those who will take their respective board exam. How to pass the board exam


Thank you for helping us. This tips and your support to us are great. I will take the exam soon. Well I have completed 36 units of Prof Ed, I didn't take major. there are 3 sets of exams I think, should I take all the 3 sets even if I don't have major?

I've read above the General Education, 200 items; Professional Education, 200 items; Major or Specialization, 200 items. and their percentages.

It seems I have to choose my specialization area still?

Goodluck and may you all be blessed!


hi, I took the LET exam last April and I observed there were changes on the number of items. It's no longer 200 items per set but reduced to 150.

I'm grateful that I passed but i just want to advise everyone who are going to take the exam not to take the exam for granted, especially Gen Educ. I almost failed in this area :(

Anyway, good luck to all!

Thanks for the update Jhaycee!

abby tupas

thank you guys for all of your contribution tips on passing the LET...

i hope me and my friends make it too....

God Bless!

Hanifah cauyag

Thank you for the articles provided. i really appreciate it.

I wish to only one God, me and my classmate will pass.

God Bless us more!

Melvin Ayag

Thank you for these articles. I am very satisfied on your Tips and guides that you gave. Thank you very much! It help me to manage my time. I will take my Board Exam for Teachers this September 25 I know that the information I learned from your article will be useful at the day of my exam.!!! thank you again!!! number 1

Good luck to the examinees for September 2011!


hi! thanks for this will help a lot examinees for passing the LET exam. I will also take the exam this coming september. Goodluck to all. Hope we well all pass the exam as long as we are prepared enough. God be withus


Honestly, I feel nervous now since i don't have enough time to study and review however, I find this article very helpful and essential especially board exam is at hand!!! ...May the Lord bless all of us who will take the LET on September 25, 2011..^_^

Very well written informative article.

john mauro

faboulus guide..the one who posted this, can u update me on what was the new content of the table of spec since we are not aware,thank you..muchg.

john mauro

faboulus guide..the one who posted this, can u update me on what was the new content of the table of spec since we are not aware,thank you..muchg.


geez,,, less than a month to review . . .:D positive!!!

Hello. I will be taking my LET exam this Sept.25. Anyone who can send me sites or links providing me sample LET exam questions? I am currently working right now in a BPO company and I badly need assistance aside from my review classes conducted every Sunday only. Thanks. Appreciate your help. :)

Joan Lunas

wat are the tips that you can give to me... I'm going to take the exam this coming september 2011. ty

James Arnold Bantilan is so nice article... this is give a strength and hope of my LET this coming Sept. 25, 2011. Good Luck to us Guys!!!


thanks for the tips that uved shared to us hope that these tips can help to us.....thanks a lot and god bless us.....


wow..thank you mam..I really appreciate this article you've shared to us'',)

I'm taking up education,3rd year student..

this is an advance guide for me as well as to all education student's...

I hope i will pass the LET soon..thank you very much po mam..


Joan Lunas

Thank you so much for the tips this article. it helps me when i take the

board exam last September 2011. I hope i'm gonna pass on the exam. 1 month pa ang paghihintay.. Thank God!

maricel ants

wow!now i know what to do....thankz a lot

good bless


thanx for the information... I really need it for the next year's exam... I just graduated diploma in prof ed


thanks! GB


i like your article ma'am very nice and easy to understand..


i like your article ma'am very nice and easy to understand..


thanks to this gives me the strength to take an exam again! :)

sarah jane almoradie

Hays ..this is my first take of let.. i hope i will pass .. ayoko mapahiya .. gusto ko pumasa .. salamat sa mga nabasa kong article .. sana hindi ako mangarag sa march .. pray hard! it works .. : D

eva fenol

thanks po sa helps me a lot to study and to prepare better before exam...

Wilfrend B. Calano

thank you so much for the informations....

I hope and pray that with the informations that I gained in here, I can be able to use it and be able to pass the LET for March 11 examination.

This is really of great help for me...

again thank you so much.

More power. I'm sure everyone is thankful to know all the informatiions shared.

hi. I'm an unit earner, and i admit mahrap pla maging teacher.. i've filed for the exam set on march 11..pero hnd aq bngyan ng copy ng T.O.S for tle major..please, can u provide me? I need to pass the exam.. I'm on self review..thanku so much! Godbless!

Hi JCP, check this forum page for the T.L.E. T.O.S. : There is a long discussion there too, to guide you in your major. To the test-takers for March 2012, good luck! Let me know of any changes in the composition of the exam so everyone will be updated.

thanku miss Christine! Gb!


Thanks..Ms.Cristine for an encouraging tips u shared on how to pass the LET:) I'm also a a unit earner and by September of this year, I'll be taking the LET...major in math . Mejo mahirap kz it' takes a lot of effort talaga but I hope and pray to pass it. And ask ko sana if pede makahingi ng link ng review guide/ practice test para sa gen ed, prof ed and math majorship. Thanks again and God bless:)


it is a good tips for those who wants to pass the LET exam, anyway I just to know if the reviewer will guarantee to pass the let exam or it is better to go a review center to make sure to pass the exam. I'm look forward for your reply. t


it is a good tips for those who wants to pass the LET exam, anyway I just to know if the reviewer will guarantee to pass the let exam or it is better to go a review center to make sure to pass the exam. I'm look forward for your reply. t

Hi Carolyn, The LET is very comprehensive but at the same time, it uses an item bank and just modifies other details. If you can do better studying and doing drills and easily understand lessons, reviewers may be enough. Review centers can be overwhelming, but you at least have classmates and instructors to ask questions to.

Thank, like information


Hi ms.Christine,I admire your intelligence and your desire to help education students.I just want to ask where can i buy PNU reviewer? I have a plan to take the exam this september 2012.I want to prepare earlier as possible.Thanks and God Bless!!

Hi Lea, you can get the green LET reviewer by PNU profs from National Book Store. For their review handouts, you can scout online for people who can lend you a copy.

Good afternoon,Ma'am!

can you provide me a soft copy of some reviewers or exercises ma'am or a certain web where i can have these.... I am a fresh graduate and teaching right now. I'll take the test on September this year... Thanks Ma'am Christine..

tnx ma\\\'am... christ is the answer... god bless

im taking exam these coming monday..sana makapasa naman..these is the second chance..and thank u maam i have an idea how to pass..hehehh

Learn how topnotchers think: How to Pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers? Read here: Are you taking TLE? Then you must read this:
hello, if i may ask, i am a bachelor of arts major in economics graduate with 18 units in methods of teaching, how will i know what field of specialization will i be examining during LET?
i would like to ask what field of specialization will the PRC appoint to me if i am a graduate of ba economics with 18 units in methods of teaching
Great tips! +1 for mentioning "Rest before the big day". If somebody needs an online reviewer, this site is a big help.
power! i love ur tips and ideas. God bless always