International Student Trends
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International Student Trends

The international student has many great wishes prior to landing on new shores. To mix into a new culture and family is huge as most come from a close family without experience of the vast world outside. For many it is their first flight on a plane, they wonder what awaits for them. The international student will be welcomed into a family and shown the way with transport to their new school. They will experience new friends and food at times the family they are placed with could be evenly matched for them.

As a former co-ordinator for international students, certain trends have come into play. In the first instance, the students are preferably screened prior to being place with families during the stay. This would include a legal and health check. Once the student arrives at the airport, they are collected for transit and confirmed at the location. The students can vary in age; the best for families is to have a younger student under eighteen is preferred. Teaching them about the transport system to and from school is a vital part of the stay. It will not be long before they want to save money and look at options to save which could involve shifting closer to the school.

International students for the most part enjoy their stay in their new home but do miss their home country, especially the mother in their lives. The contact the student has is on a daily basis and thanks to the technology of computers; this is possible and cheap through direct contact. As a family, we encourage students to make new friends at school and achieve a core group. In this day and age, the school also encourages this in a study atmosphere which is such an advantage for the student. The language barrier is a major obstacle, which can be levered in a group situation.

There will be a trend with transport as the cost can vary, depending on location from school or university. In our city, zones are figured into the location with boundaries that are fixed. A zone one is cheaper than a zone two. The student will look at saving money as their family has afforded them a certain amount to cost everything they need. While some will find ways, round this and are comfortable with living arrangements, some will look at moving when possible.  Most families encourage students to join in on family gatherings and weekend outings. They are keen photographers. They will send pictures home for the family overseas to see. If the family likes what they see, it is possible for the families to meet at some stage.

The family in their search to please their children would look at securing a luxury apartment within the main city. A student would find this attractive, or may choose to share a unit or apartment for shared costs. This has the advantage of eliminating the need for transport, which is a good saving. The student would have access to savings deposited by family members. The school also sees the value and convert themselves into an accommodation business as well as a teaching basis with unused buildings being used for this purpose.

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