Online Universities V Traditional Universites
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Online Universities V Traditional Universites

Online universities have been give a bad reputation. Many believe students that attend online universities do not receive the quality of education that students of traditional universities do. These students receive the same quality and amount of learning that traditional students do. Online students are responsible for teaching themselves mostly. Students of online universities must be self starters.

Online universities have more advantages to the working student than traditional universities. Online universities offer students flexibility that traditional universities do not offer students. Students of traditional universities are often required to attend class at a certain time every week, can be downgraded if they miss class, and working students can find it difficult to receive financial assistance of any type, because they have to attend just half time.

Online universities offer working students, many with family obligations as well the opportunity to enroll in school full time. Full time students often find it easier to receive full financial assistance including loans and grants for his or her education. Online universities allow students who work and have family obligations to log in to the classroom on a certain number of days per week to be considered being in attendance. Students of online universities can still be downgraded for missing the attendance mark during any semester. Online universities have strict attendance policies. When it comes to attendance policies and being graded on attendance online universities are comparable to traditional universities.

Online universities are also comparable to traditional universities when it comes to the amount of curriculum students must learn. Oftentimes online universities have an accelerated program. Traditional universities have courses that last anywhere from twelve to sixteen weeks. Online courses last anywhere from four to nine weeks. Online universities still require students to read the same amount of a textbook in those four to nine weeks. Here to the amount of reading involved with online universities is just about the same as the amount of reading involved with traditional universities.

Students of traditional universities are required to read a textbook and also do research both online and at the library. Online universities have an online library for students to utilize and do research for required research papers that students of both traditional universities and online universities write.

Online universities have deadlines for tests, research papers, and other assignments just like traditional universities. However, students of online universities are given a deadline of usually midnight on the day the assignment is due to submit the assignment. Students of traditional universities are only given until the class meets to submit an assignment, and if the student misses classes at traditional universities on days of exams the student usually cannot make up the exam, or resubmit the assignment. Students at online universities are given flexibility to make up an exam or submit a paper late. Online universities usually downgrade late papers a certain percentage per days the assignment was late. Students of traditional universities do not have these options.

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