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Education & Teaching Careers Forum & FAQ

Last answer by Sandy Shannon 57 months ago +1 votes:
Usually each school district has its own pay scale. To find out the exact amount for an elementary teacher with 8 years experience, you will need to contact the Human Resources person in the school district. However, that should be public information.  Most school districts do have separate pay scales for teachers with bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and master's plus 30 hours. Some hav... more
Last answer by Abayomi Thomas 63 months ago -1 votes:
Thanks Debbie Your answer was a direct hit straight to the point. Thanks a million more
Last answer by bluetiboots 64 months ago +0 votes:
drilling means listening to a model, provided by the teacher, or a tape or another student, and repeating what is heard. This is a repetition drill, a technique that is still used by many teachers when introducing new language items to their students. The teacher says the word or phrase and the students repeat it. more
Last answer by Gerard 65 months ago +1 votes:
For sure you need to have charisma, no false teeth, good eyesight preferably 20/20 and be able to speak in English FLUENTLY. The minimium height 5'3" for Females and around 5'5" for Males. The weight must also be proportional to the height. more
Last answer by Peter Curtis 65 months ago +0 votes:
I am sure they will understand your position and arrange a financial plan for you and tour family. You need to concentrate on graduating first as you realize and it should fall into place. The best thing to do is speak to a school counsellor. Kind Regards, Peter more
Last answer by Nobert Bermosa 65 months ago +1 votes:
Students who enroled in high school or secondary level for school year 2012-2013 known as "grade 7" instead of "first year" will be the first batch to graduate in the newest Philippine educational curriculum called K to 12. Pupils who enrolled as "grade one" in the elementary level will be the first batch to graduate in elementary. more
MEGA Computer College The School of Programmers and Professionals more
Last answer by Teresa Conti 67 months ago +0 votes:
These days, topics on the usefulness of computers in the modern world are big.  What do computers bring to society?  What problems, such as invasion of privacy are they causing?Since computers now control military weapons, can hackers begin World War III? Are programmers going to be needed in the future? Will networking jobs be going overseas? What effects has computer jobs going over... more
Last answer by Rama lingam 67 months ago +0 votes:
Thank you Braden.In addition, I wish to know who undertakes and co-ordinates this highly research oriented and laborious work?It is amazing to learn that US has the lion's share in the rankings.It is equally interesting to know that the world famous Oxford holds 10 th rank.India's NO.1 IITs are ranked at 300+.The creataria set for grading and ranking is also quite interesting. more
Last answer by Jerrod Nazarian 67 months ago +0 votes:
Operant conditioning is a form of conditioning which is related to operant or chosen actions.  The goal is to eventually influence the choices one makes.  The contrary is respondent conditioning which aims to change the subconscious or reflexive actions.  In all conditioning there is a positive or negative response given as a response to a given stimulus.  In operant conditioni... more
Last answer by John Smither 68 months ago +0 votes:
In the past I have used the Ice Age movies and found them to be popular amongst Chinese students using subtitles in English to assist them with understanding the spoken English. more
Last answer by Christine Gapuz 75 months ago +0 votes:
You can check the online LET review at The forum has a lot of resources for LET. more
Last answer by LSH 77 months ago +0 votes:
Why are fishes smart? They appear in schools. more