The Philippines: School Teacher
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The Philippines: School Teacher

A teacher is an honourable job, it is one of the foundations of a good community. The teacher is responsible for moulding the citizens of a country. They have the honour and the privilege to becoming the real "brains" of a country. Teachers are responsible for sharing knowledge to every citizen. In the Philippines, a teacher has to cope with the harsh conditions of the teaching area and try to teach effectively to students at the same time.

A teacher is one of the most respected jobs in the Philippines. However, it is also one of the hardest professions available in the Philippines. There are many implications a teacher has to face; the lack of sufficient resources for teaching is an example. The salary of a teacher is not a huge amount compared to other professionals.

Teachers in public schools earn more than private schools; however public schools lack the adequate facilities to effectively teach students in a conducive environment. The private school teacher will have to sacrifice the leisure of teaching in a completely facilitated school to earn more just to make a living. A private school teacher handles 10 to 30 students while a public school teacher handles 30 to 100 students in a single classroom. The lack of teachers will also make a public school teacher handle more loads than a private school teacher.

Becoming a public school teacher is even harder, a private teacher must have a strong grip or influence on the government to become a permanent teacher. He or she should be a Master of Education before having a good chance to be chosen. The new teacher will have to be a Local School Board (LSB) teacher before becoming permanent. A LSB teacher gets paid by the city rather than the main funds of the Department of Education itself. A LSB teacher is like a contractual worker, he or she doesn’t have the benefits of a fully employed permanent public school teacher.

The public school teacher’s salary is deducted by various fees. Usually a public school teacher resorts to various methods to earning more, some even rely on projects they give to students. Public School teachers are tempted to corrupt because of this. They are given a small allowance to buy chalk yearly.

The government does events yearly were the teachers are responsible, this is usually done to give a chance for teachers to earn money.


The public school teachers are in charge of roaming small areas to get a consensus of the population, a small amount is reimbursed for their efforts.


Before the Philippines held its first automated election, the public school teachers had to manually count the casted ballots which could take days, depending on the population of the area. There are even reports of teachers having risked their lives just so that there would be no manipulation in the number of votes casted.

Some students rarely appreciate the efforts of their teachers; there are some who try to help their teachers with their daily work. Students try to show their appreciation during Teacher’s Day where they do programmes and sometimes treat their teachers.

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Teaching is a tough profession. 

Definitely, it takes years to see the fruit of your profession.