Toys That Can Help Enhance Learning in Young Kids
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Toys That Can Help Enhance Learning in Young Kids

While toys are used by kids for playing, they can also enhance learning. Teachers can use different types of toys to teach very young kids. This will enhance better learning and help the kids develop different skills. There are various types of toys around that teachers can use in teaching young kids.

Using toys to teach very young kids is probably one of the best methods in teaching effectively.  Visual aids that include toys are among the best tools for teaching very young kids since young children are visual people who learn more effectively by looking at the actual things.

While toys are used for playing, they can also be used as visual aids when teaching young kids.  Teaching could be fun and more interesting to the kids if you use toys to teach them.  Young kids love toys.  This is the reason why using toys for teaching will help a lot in enhancing learning in young kids.  Take note also that the types of toys you use to aid you in teaching the young kids is very important

Below are some suggested toys that you can use in teaching young kids.


Children love books especially the colorful ones.  As much as possible choose a book that is glossy and colorful.  Picture books are more effective for very young kids.  They will not be interested to see the written words in the book but they will always take a closer look at the colorful pictures in the book.  Use bigger books with big pictures in them for clearer view.  If the children cannot see the images very well they will lose interest in what you are trying to teach them.

Stuff toys

Children love stuff toys.  They love the soft and cuddly toys that they can hug and feel.  Using stuff toys to teach young kids will help the kids have a better grasp of the subject matter.  If you are teaching about animals you can use stuff toys.  It is important that you let them touch or hold the stuff toys.  The kids will enjoy hugging and squeezing the stuff toys which make learning more fun and productive.  If kids are happy in school, learning will be more effective.

Animal toys

If you are telling stories or your subject matter is about animals, you can use animal toys to introduce the lesson.  Kids love animal toys.  This method of teaching will enhance better learning since the kids could see the features of the animals that you are talking about.  Choose animal toys that are big enough and easy to recognize so that the children will be able to relate the animal toys to the real life animals.


Blocks are one of the most effective educational toys to use for young kids since they could use the blocks to build and create.  You can use blocks to teach the letters of the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes.  Choose blocks that are big enough with clear prints so that the children can clearly read the prints.


The advantage of using clay as a teaching tool for young kids is that clay is a very versatile material.  The children can easily mold and create using the clay.  Clay is best if you want to develop the creativity and motor skills of young children.


The advantage of using puzzles to teach is that the kids will learn to figure out things.  Puzzles can stimulate the mind of the young kids which enhances their thinking power and analytical skilla.  When choosing puzzles for young kids always consider the suitability; the material should suit the age of the kids.  There are many types of puzzles that you can choose from that will fit the subject matter and the needs of the kids.

There are countless toys available in the market that you can use to teach.  Just choose the appropriate toys and you can achieve your objectives as a teacher for young kids.

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